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When it comes to art, there are different designs and styles for an artist to make and how they perceive their art in a way that they can produce a unique kind of art. Most of the art are inspirational and sometimes out of the blue moment. Art is a form of expression as well. It is also made to bring back past culture, tradition, and customs of a certain era that includes the people and the highlight of an event. That is why art is an outstanding way for one person to get to know history and to have the deeper understanding on an artistic level.

Northwest Coast native art is known for its aboriginal taste of creating a very substantial craft and design that people honor. It is said to believe that most of these art crafts are made to inspire their family from generation to generation and as mentioned, a better understanding towards the living a life that holds a part of their ancestors. Most of its crafts are an ancient woodwork that is traditionally carved with animal figures. There as well different types of Northwest Coast native art artist that are using figures that are either human-like or it is depicted with a style and design that are somewhat realistic.

Design can be based on the common figures that are used by these Aboriginal craft designers such as mask, canoes, bentwood, curved type style. These are made in styles that use these common art crafts as their basis of designing a Northwest Coast Native art. Here is the following inspiration.

Nootka (west coast)

This is known for its flexibility and flowing design that has a strong angularity. The lines are in a fluid which it has not control. Its difference from the Northern style is that it has a tendency to leave out blank areas that are open and it is filled with different elements of design. When it comes to designing a mask, this has more pronounced features such as a large mouth and an aquiline nose. The d├ęcor is often emulated with an animal design.


This nation is primarily located on the Queen Charlotte Island. This has a famous cultural style in the Northwest coast. Its design is mainly focused on the miniature cultures that are uncluttered and at the same time bold in its design. its strong characteristics are its symmetry and balance too. This also has a classic type that uses a flowing line that is derived from an ovoid which is also a shared work from the north. It has a kind of body proportion that is similar to the style from the north. The head basically occupies half of its length and its size as well. Classic colors used are red and black.


This is occupied by places at Alaska and northern British Columbia. This is pretty much of the same with the Haida and they also do trades with them as well. Most of the work of art are similar to Haida and it is considered to be as one of the northern styles. The practice of screen silk painting. Houses are painted and are most likely adorned with totem poles.



The historical designs are being studied and are now applied mostly by modern artists. The use if a silk screen painting is one of the major highlights in creating a piece of art in which its design is influenced by ancient and legendary people.


They use mask wherein its design is basically derived with their traditional dances and rituals. This holds a strong influenced over the many events that have made a great impact towards the people.